Bristles & Mane - Gent's Salon in Jumeirah Dubai with top Barbers of UAE
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Experience Swank

Hair Care

Get the perfect care and advice from one of Bristles & Mane’s trained & experienced stylists.

Hair Treatments

Engage our hair educators for a hair consultation to witness a professional custom hair experience.

Beard Care

Whether you wear your beard tight, fine, first week scruff or mountain man burly, we shape it to perfection.

Face Care

Relax at the hands of our trained aesthetician & leave with smooth & refreshed face.

Nail Care

A trim, file and moisturizing massage will make your hands and nails look great – with the shiny nails!

Hair Removal

We will get you swim suit ready without the sting. How much or how little is completely left to you.

Bristles & Mane

As a customer-first brand, we are pioneering novel ideas and are bringing together innovative approaches to make the art of male-grooming an everyday essential by introducing the concept of a service universe designed around the lifestyles of a diverse, discerning & sophisticated personalities.

About The Salon

With the aim to be the go-to male grooming brand destination in the markets we operate, Bristles & Mane is revolutionizing the salon space, creating an environment where the customers are inspired to indulge in an experience filled with discovery, storytelling & memories.

Service Menu

Exploration & discovery form an integral part of our service experience. An elegant atmosphere and a refined selection of products & services mean our customers get to experience a new kind of salon that thrills all the senses and transform everyday salon visit into a unique, cherished experience.

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Salon updates and candid revelations from some of the Handsome people we helped build the Swank!

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A club like no other, where being a member actually means you gain the perks almost always!

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The Swank Massage

Undergoing a massage therapy is an indulgence that’ll leave you refreshed and ready to face life stress free. However, the power of massage goes beyond making you feel good, as massage is a real medicine which has countless health benefits. From improving muscle recovery, reducing stress, beating down bad mood to warding off infections, one can never overestimate the benefits of massage therapy.

The Swank Gallery

Product Houses

Our partner selection aligns with our quest to break new grounds and re-invent this space. Through these partnerships we are shaping a new concept combining the most desired salon & luxury products from international brands alongside a carefully curated locally inspired range of salon products.

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